Tomorrow is Still Today


“April the 10th – 2:36 am

My phone starts ringing and it wakes me up.

I open my eyes with difficulty to take a look at my phone screen but I can’t help squinting at the light.

After experiencing the same day over and over Luo Zhengchang feels both confused and desperate about his situation. He then starts to look for some ways to break this unending cycle. Since he doesn’t think there is an issue with he himself and turns to his surrounding, trying to find some useful clues.

As he dives more and more in his investigations he discovers some unfathomable facts, not only about others but some even involves him. Be it his girlfriend’s strange behavior or his other friends. At some point, he even receives the unexpected help of that aloof and low-key youth who he happened to bump into countless times, slowly coming to know him more and ultimately fall for him.

I invite to accompany in this unpredictable and surprising journey in time and try to resolve the mystery of these situations he would have to face, according to the clues at hand.

On Hold

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – Day 0

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