The Wife of the Supreme Sorcerer


“I feel so cold. I don’t think I can still last for long.

I’m sensing my limbs grow numb bit by bit till I’m no longer able to move them. On second thought, it’s not such a big deal since it doesn’t make much of a difference. I have dragged this broken body for so many years now. Maybe the time has already come for me to take my leave.

I don’t really have any regret, and I feel so tired. My corpse is so heavy, as if all the worries of the word are hanging from my shoulders and burdening them… or it might be this heavy snowfall that is making this weak body of mine all covered in snow and shivering none stop. All I can do is reassuring myself while thinking- it’ll soon come to an end.”

This is the story of an unlucky young lad, played by the hands of fate and abandoned by the heavens, till the day he was taken in by a strange man who told him he had an important mission for him to accomplish. And thus they started traveling through lands and seas without any apparent aim.

While on this journey, he managed to learn more about the identity of his mysterious saver, never expecting what great price he would have to finally pay for turning upside down his present doom.

I’ll be publishing 3 times a week: on MondayWednesday and Friday

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – I Slowly Doze off to Sleep

Chapter 2 – Who are You?

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