My Old Neighbour’s Little Talebook


When I was young, it was my mother who brought me up and thus we lived alone in a worn up apartment. Since she worked every day till night to support or family, she often untrusted me to our next door neighbor to take care of me during daytime after some incident occurred while leaving me alone. He accepted, only insisting on making me go back home before sundown but it was still better than nothing.

I really enjoyed spending time with him. He would always take good care of me and we would pass all day long playing games together as well as the great tales he would sometimes recount.

Time flies so quickly and I have already graduated from college and I finally stepped foot in the adult active life. One day that I was picking a gift for my ancient classmate’s newborn child, I happened to come across a very singular Tale book. He had nothing peculiar at first glance but once I started going through its pages, I had a very familiar feeling that made my heart restless and that could manage to repress. Thus, I decided to buy it without much though.

On the same day, while I was sleeping at night, I had a dream about my long forgotten childhood.

On Hold

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – Tale of a Little Sapling

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