It is My Turn


“I have lived for so long.

I was once a blade of grass, a small stone on the road side. I even experienced living as a cloud blown by the northern winds, which was really an icy experience.

Through each new life, my memory of the last ones never faded and I still remember everything all the way back to the first time I became aware of my own existence.

While I was leisurely bathing under the sunlight or lying in the depths of the sea, I came across some interesting creatures. Whether it was mermaids, fairies or even normal human beings, I always spectated on them from afar.

What seemed more intriguing for me was watching how they interacted with each other, how they fought and laughed together. I don’t know when it happened, but I soon started wondering what it would be like to experience those feelings and to become one of them.

I have long since held into this extravagant wish of mine until one day…”

As you can see guys, it’s the story of a naive men who have already gathered the shallow experience of thousands of lives and so he though he was ready for his own story the day he woke up to find that he finally got a complete set of arms and legs.

I invite you guys to accompany him through this journey in the mesmerising and cruel human world.

On Hold

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – A Terrifying Storm

Chapter 2 – Love me, even though just a bit

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