Forgive Me Yet Again


“Where am I?

It was the first though that broke into my head when I opened my eyes to find myself in a completely unfamiliar place. The room I was in wasn’t very spacious, it was a bit messy as well.

Then I had a sudden realization while I was trying to rack my brain over the last thing I could have done yesterday. In fact I didn’t remember anything at all, not even about myself.

Who am I?”

We don’t really know the true value of things only after loosing them. But how could you mesure the importance of memories you would never want to give up on, only to be ruthlessly stripped of, again and again.

Would you trust me if I say that there still something much worse than that. How would you feel if the person most percious to you heart constantly keeps forgetting about you. How much more times would you be able to forgive? How much more time would you be able to endure?

On Hold

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 – D-24

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