Forgive Me Yet Again – Chapter 1


Where am I?

It was the first though that broke into my head when I opened my eyes to find myself in a completely unfamiliar place. The room I was in wasn’t very spacious, it was a bit messy as well.

Then I had a sudden realization while I was trying to rack my brain over the last thing I could have done yesterday. In fact I didn’t remember anything at all, not even about myself.

Who am I?

As soon as I thought that, I heard a soft bang on the door before it was pushed open and a man made his way to my bed with a drowsy face while mumbling that the breakfast was ready and that I should hurry to not be late.

Suddenly, he stopped on his tracks and stared at me with a profound look and an unfathomable expression. Then he turned around and left straight away without adding any other sentence.

I actually wanted to question him at first about myself but that look he gave me made me shiver unnoticedly while taking in a sharp breath, unable to utter a single word.

After he got out of the room I finally could come out of my daze. I instantly climbed out of bed and decided to chase after him. Then I discovered that I was practically naked and quickly went to put on some clothes before heading out of the room.

There I saw the man sitting at the dining table, leisurely chewing on his toast. He didn’t spare me a single glance even after hearing the loud bang of the door being shut close after I gave him a careless harsh push.

After some seconds of heavy silence, I couldn’t bear it anymore and opened my mouth to speak but he suddenly cut me down, quietly saying: “What are you doing foolishly standing there? Come have a seat.”

Before I could mull it over, my body moved by itself and I did as he said. I finally was brought out to reality when he started speaking again: “Don’t you have any question you want to ask?” He said so with a meaningful smile on his face.

But soon he added, cutting out the train of my thoughts: “We don’t have much time to discuss it all over now because you’ll soon be heading to work. However you should at least know this. Your name is Yuan Mingtian. You work at C Company’s financial department as an executive assistant. There are more details about it in this notebook, in addition to some people’s photos and contact information. You can also find in it your schedule for the rest of the week. Just take your time reading it as your office.”

Then he peeked at his wrist watch and briskly got up. Pulling me off my chair, he pushed me back to the room instructing me to quickly get dressed if I didn’t want to be late.

I actually wanted to ask him about his own identity but I didn’t have the chance as he kept nagging me to hurry. I let myself be led around without objecting much until I found myself standing before the apartment’s doorstep while he sent me off saying: “If anything happens you can give me a call. Today I have the night shift so I should not be at home when you come back. I’ll leave you the dinner in the fridge, you can simply heat it up. That’s all I think. Take care.”

As he finished saying the last two words, he closed the door right in my face. I stayed there rooted in place and started spacing out another time and soon I was scared out of my wits but a loud noise coming from inside the house accompanied with some vicious cursing. Suddenly I didn’t want to linger there anymore and I eagerly headed out of the building.

Thanks to this legendary great technology called GPS, I easily found my way to my workplace. Coming near the entrance, I still felt some nervousness. I didn’t know how to successfully get to my working desk without causing much of a fuss.

While I was deeply in thought, an arm suddenly hooked around my shoulder as I heard someone cheerily calling out my name. I swiftly turned my head around to have a look at the person behind me and quickly got reassured. It was someone the man from this morning told me I could trust and who knows about my situation so I should just explain it to him.

This man was called Ke Xinlai. We actually studied in the same university and it was also him too, who introduced me to this job. In addition to that, he’s my boss and my work globally consists on assisting him with his daily responsibilities. This includes very basic duties such as answering phones, taking messages, welcoming visitors, scheduling meetings, and making travel arrangements. Adding to it this little notebook of mine from which I just read this short bunch of information, they situation doesn’t seem that desperate to me anymore.

My colleges seemed also very considerate and respectful people, they made me quickly feel at ease. I couldn’t help thinking that maybe they also were aware of my peculiar circumstances. But I had no way of making sure of it now so I made up my mind to wait and see.

The last thing that remained now was for me to figure out who that man I saw in the morning actually was as well as the nature of our relationship. I have no way to deny the fact he gives me a strange familiar feeling. I actually blindly trusted him without having him answer any of my questions or requesting any explanation.

In fact, I really wanted to so but I somehow felt a foreboding sensation well from deep inside me, preventing me from upsetting this person. As if the consequences would be incredibly horrifying, akin to the sky and mounts turning upside down.

Although the day went on very smoothly, I couldn’t help getting thoroughly tired after a full day of running around. I only let out a sigh of relief after I got back home and headed straight to bed. I was so exhausted that I wouldn’t have much of an appetite. I also didn’t bother with changing up before I felt my heavy eyelids slowly close up and my consciousness drifting away.

That night, I had a very agitated sleep but at some point, I felt the door to my room slowly being opened to give way to some light and leisurely footsteps that stopped right beside my bed. Then I heard a long and deep sight echo in the air before I felt the blanket that was clumsily covering me up, being raised over my shoulders. Finally, the footsteps quietly retreated from where they came.

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